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Now in its 12th year on the map, to put it simply, there is no other entertainment company in the country quite like The Palomar Agency. Decidedly uncommon, Palomar still manages to bring to mind a very common phrase: “I didn’t know what I was looking for until I found it.” Wait. Let’s amend that with a twist. “I didn’t know what I was looking for until Palomar found it for me.” That sounds more like it.

The Palomar Agency is a one-stop entertainment booking source for the college and special event markets with an emphasis on music, comedy, and variety arts, as well as the “New Burlesque”. We’ve amassed a roster of “differently centered” performers and personalities and put them on display under one roof for all the world to see, thus making it easier for those searching for something different and special to find “it”. We offer people who provide a unique product to the world… themselves. What you see is what you get. It’s just plain who they are and they wouldn’t have it any other way. Neither would we.

Worldwide corporate events, big-budget Hollywood movies, network television appearances, and beyond… our performers have done it all. And they’ll do it again. All you have to do is ask.

Home to both the tried and true and the “more than slightly left of center”, Palomar has talent, shows, and show production available for:

Corporate Events
Private Events

Television & Film
Product Launches

Trade Shows
Cruise Lines


Our talent offerings include:

Dance Troupes
Burlesque Dancers
Go-Go Dancers


Fire Eaters/Breathers

Aerial Performers
Walkaround Hosts

Event planners, casting directors, trade show reps, PR firms, and bookers for colleges, clubs, cruise lines, hotels, and casinos… you can be assured… no matter what the endeavor, Palomar talent will provide a unique and professional presence for your production, event, or show.

Based in New York City, Austin, and Los Angeles, Palomar has a constantly growing network of nationwide and international talent available for bookings and productions throughout the United States and abroad. Whatever type of act you’re looking for, we have it or we’ll find it. Can’t find the type of show you want in your neck of the woods? Try us. We’ll find what you’re looking for in your own backyard or we’ll produce it and fly it in.


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Higher Education

Big Show Burlesque

Offered exclusively by The Palomar Agency, Big Show Burlesque is a 75-90 minute action packed burlesque show specially tailored for the college market audience. It’s sexy, funny, interactive, and endlessly entertaining. This fabulous show is based out of NYC and features Gal Friday, Hazel Honeysuckle, Justina Flash, Marlo Marquise, Peekaboo Pointe, The Alchemist and your MC… Pete Redmond.